Accessories Needed for Bull Riding

Bull riding accessories are necessary for anyone who plans to go out into the arena and test their luck on top of one of these monstrous beasts. Without these accessories, bull riding is even more difficult than it is already and sometimes even impossible to complete. Don’t put your life at-risk when it is easy to protect yourself.

bull riding gloves

Bull Riding Gear: What You Will Need

Accessories that you need to buy if bull riding is a hobby you plan to pursue in the near future:

·    Gloves: A good pair of bull riding gloves is an essential item for anyone who plans to ride. Blisters and welts can occur on the hands from holding onto the steer for any period of time.

·    Chaps: Chaps are custom made to fit the rider and protect his legs and knees, though the bull is a lot stronger than these items!

·    Helmet: Riders born after 1994 must wear a protective helmet when riding a bull. The helmet is designed to prevent neck and head injuries from being thrown off the bull. Purchase a high quality helmet and stay safe!

·    Protective Vest: The Protective Vest is designed by a PBR bull riding champ. It is made to protect the torso and the important organs in the body. It is a vest that can save a life!

·    Boots: Every cowboy starts the day with a good pair of cowboy boots. When it is time for the rodeo, these boots add ease to the bull riding experience.

After buying the items above, it is time to let the bull riding fun begin. Many people who begin riding bulls for fun go on to participate in amateur contests and events once they’re skilled enough to hang with the crowds. This might be an option worth looking into if it is an activity that you really enjoy.