Tips for Safe Carry Conceal

If you’ve decided to carry conceal, congratulations on taking a step forward to protect yourself and those you love and perhaps more. However, it is important to carry your weapon safely, even when it is concealed. Use the four tips below to ensure that your concealed carry experience is enjoyable.

concealed weapons holster

Tip One: Multiple Holsters

Buying a holster is similar to buying shoes and you’ll need to try on more than one to find the right fit. Most gun owners have a stash of holsters sitting in their drawers and before you know what’s happened, you will also. But, more holsters means you’ll find the best for your carry comfort and pleasures, a much better option than being stuck with the wrong holster.

Tip Two: Wear It

You should strap on your holster and wear it around before you actually put the gun inside. When you adjust to the holster without a weapon, you reduce risk in case it is dropped by accident or accidentally exposed. Make sure you’re familiar with the holster and that it is positioned correctly. Play around and get comfortable with the holster.

Tip Three: Leave it Alone

One of the biggest reasons to wear our holster before putting a gun in it is because you want to get comfortable with the new object on your hip so you’re not touching it. If you touch the holster you only create attention that you don’t want or need.

Tip For: Keep Your Carry Firearm Stock

Make sure that you don’t toss the carry firearm stock after you purchase a concealed weapons holster. The manufacturer of the weapon chose the stock for a reason and it will not work properly if you start making alterations or add aftermarket parts. Don’t set your weapon up to fail.